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The Wedding

Friday, March 22, 6pm

Saturday, March 23, 5:30pm

Sunday, March 24, 9am


American Ceremony & Reception

Hindu Ceremony & Lunch

Texas Discovery Gardens

3601 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,

Dallas, TX 75210

Grand Hall

Circular Lawn &

Grand Hall

Grand Allee &

Grand Hall


"I am the luckiest."

-Ben Folds (& Bhargava+Lauren)


This Is Us

Bhargava & Lauren met at a mutual friend's Christmas Party in December 2016.

Lauren's version: Bhargava came to the party alone and was standing by himself. My friends and I decided to talk to him, so he wouldn't be alone. He lied to me and said he had a job at JPMorgan. I later found out that was a rotational program at Chase. We all did a white elephant gift exchange, and I stole the Nerf gun he had received. And then immediately felt bad about it and tried to involve him by shooting him with the Nerf gun. We both became perhaps too competitive in our Nerf gun fight, and Bhargava "Bharga-bumped" me through Vivy's parents screen door - I had a broken foot and was wearing a walking boot at the time and had no ability to catch my balance. Luckily, the door wasn't broken, and we were able to pop the screen back in. Bhargava asked for my number & immediately started texting me.

Bhargava's Version: I was standing at the kitchen island, and Lauren & her friends were standing by the dining table. I looked over to the dining table to "survey the talent." When I saw Lauren, I quickly looked away because I knew she was out of my league (those eyes tho). As the party went on, we played White Elephant, and I got a Nerf Gun and thought I was safe because no one really wants a Nerf gun. BUT then Lauren stole it.

Later, out of left field, I got hit with a Nerf bullet and I realized that this was the beginning of something. We started battling it out in a Nerf war, and I knew she was into me. We kept talking throughout the night, and before I left, I asked her for her number, and the rest is history.

Today: Six and a half years later, Bhargava & Lauren live together in their 106 year old house in Munger Place, a historic neighborhood directly south of Lower Greenville in Dallas, with their cat Olive.

They enjoy walks around the neighborhood, and Bhargava has adopted Lauren's appreciation for the tree-lined streets and old houses. They spend time on their front porch and back deck and bring Olive outside in 5 minute increments. Bhargava has introduced Lauren to video games, and they enjoy nights in playing those, watching too many sports games to count, and the occasional tv show with pizza from their favorite local pizza places, as well as nights out with friends, family, and neighbors, trying new restaurants and activities in the area.

Bhargava and Lauren are excited to take the next step in their lives together as they tie the knot.


Celebrate with us!

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